ScopServ ScopTEL The ultimate in IP PBX & Contact Centre (Call Centre) telephony Scopserv VoIP (Voice over IP), SIP, analogue & digital trunk lines
Scopserv Contact Centre (Call Centre) with voice logger & CRM
Scopserv Asterisk IP PBX telephony server (open source)
Inter-branch communication
Unlimited IP extensions

The modern telephone system (PABX or PBX) is not just a switchboard anymore, but a tool to businesses and their employees to simplify life in the workplace. Analogue systems get replaced by digital PBX (PABX) , IP PBX (PABX) and Hosted IP PBX (a virtual IP telephone system) using cost saving connectivity like Voice over IP (VoIP) and SIP lines (Voice over Network) or VoN.

247 PABX Telecommunications and associates are based in Gauteng, South Africa and provide telecommunications services to industry and businesses in Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand, Johannesburg, Gauteng, Mpumulanga, Limpopo, North West and SIP Voice over Network (VoN) connectivity countrywide.

Telecommunications services:
Installations, cabling projects, upgrades, service, repair, maintenance on telephone systems.
Install new and refurbished telephone systems.
Virtual hosted IP PBX PABX.
Digital voice recorders (voice loggers).
VoIP connectivity replacement.
Least cost routing.
Call Centres.
Contact Centres.
Customer Relations Management (CRM).
Telephone Call Management - Midas Fidelio Hotel Hospitality Solutions, Man3000, Hard & Soft.
DECT and Wi-Fi cordless telephones.

Voice over IP (VoIP) & Voice over Network (VoN) connectivity available countrywide:
The new Digital Direct Voice over Network (VoN)  business connectivity is a complete replacement for traditional Telkom trunks and VoIP (without losing your Telkom numbers) and fully ICASA Telco i-ECS & i-ECNS licensed. It also offers better voice quality and reliability than VoIP by not using the Internet for voice connectivity. Guaranteed call cost savings up to 35% on cellular, local, national and international calls can be achieved. It is suitable for all PABX models equipped with either analogue, ISDN, PRI or SIP trunks from manufacturers ie:

ScopServ IP PBX with built-in Call Centre and Voice recording.

NEC XN120, NEC SL1000, NEC Aspire and NEC UNIVERGE SV8100 IP PABX telephone systems.

Samsung OfficeServ 7000 IP telephone system series: Samsung OfficeServ 7030, Samsung OfficeServ 7070, Samsung OfficeServ 7100, Samsung OfficeServ 7200, Samsung OfficeServ 7400 as well as the Samsung OfficeServ 12 and Samsung OfficeServ 100 PABX.
Samsung digital PABX series: Samsung DCS 12, Samsung DCS 408, Samsung DCS 816, Samsung NX-308, Samsung NX-820 and Samsung NX-1232 PABX models.

Mitel 3300, Mitel 5000, Mitel Axxess & Mitel SX-200 IP PABX.

Alcatel Lucent
Alcatel Lucent OmniPCX Office and Alcatel Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise PABX Communication Server.

Hymax Aristel
Hymax Aristel AV-11, Hymax Aristel AV-20, Hymax Aristel AV-38, Hymax Aristel AV-64 and Hymax Aristel AV-256 ISDN Hybrid PABX.

Siemens HiPath 3000, Siemens HiPath 3300, Siemens HiPath 3350, Siemens HiPath 3500, Siemens HiPath 3550, Siemens HiPath 3800, Siemens HiPath 4000, Siemens HiPath 5000.Siemens HiPath 1120 and Siemens HiPath 1150 PABX range.

Philips IPC100 and Philips IPC 500 IP PABX telephone systems.

Aastra Ericsson
Aastra Ericsson BusinessPhone BP Compact, Aastra Ericsson BusinessPhone BP 50, Aastra Ericsson BusinessPhone BP 250, Aastra Ericsson BusinessPhone BP 128i and Aastra Ericsson MD 110 PABX.

Nitsuko 308, Nitsuko 408, Nitsuko 616, Nitsuko 824, Nitsuko 24i, Nitsuko 96i, Nitsuko 328i and Nitsuko 600 PABX.

Panasonic KX-TDE200BX, Panasonic TDE100BX, Panasonic KX-TEA308SA, Panasonic KX-TES824SA, Panasonic KX-TDA30SA, Panasonic KX-TDA100SA, Panasonic KX-TDA200BX and Panasonic KX-TDA600BX PABX.

Xietel ZX PABXSeries

Opera 4.12 e, Opera 4.12 em and Opera Flexicom PABX.


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