ScopServ ScopTEL The ultimate in IP PBX & Contact Centre (Call Centre) telephony Scopserv VoIP (Voice over IP), SIP, analogue & digital trunk lines
Scopserv Contact Centre (Call Centre) with voice logger & CRM
Scopserv Asterisk IP PBX telephony server (open source)
Inter-branch communication
Unlimited IP extensions


ScopServ International Inc. is a Canadian company founded in 2006 and has become a market leader in the industry of IP telephony solutions development (VoIP) in North America, Europe and South Africa. The ScopServ VoIP solution, ScopTEL, is more than an alternative to traditional business telephony, but a totally new approach to business communications.

ScopServ early adopted SIP and Unified Communications technology and has developed a robust, modern  product line based on Asterisk technology with no propriety and prohibitive brand lock in. The integrated ScopServ ScopTEL IP PBX system offers one of the most stable and feature rich VoIP communications platforms available anywhere in the world. Its blue-chip customers bear testimony to its cost-effective, robust and configurable solutions.

Because of the scalability and unlimited IP extensions of the ScopTel IP PBX software, even the smallest enterprises will have the benefits of what was before reserved only for larger companies. Standard features include CRM, Voice Recording, Auto Attendants, IVR, Voice Mail, Telephone Management, Contact Centre, VoIP Gateway and many more. All configurations and operations are made and managed through a simple and convenient Web interface.

A team of expert programmers are always on the lookout for new solutions, which are quickly tested and integrated to the ScopServ products like new Contact Centre (Call Centre) software . With the best price/quality ratio of its kind, ScopServ ScopTEL will provide you all of the advantages that proprietary systems offer and even more, without having to pay a substantial premium to own it.

ScopServ relies upon a reliable worldwide network of qualified resellers and distributors. The company has also established several Certified support and training centres (SCC) in order to ensure the keeping of its highest standards.

Based in Gauteng, we supply all ScopServ ScopTel IP PBX products and software integration for ie Contact Centres to customers in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and countrywide according to requirements.
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