ScopServ ScopTEL The ultimate in IP PBX & Contact Centre (Call Centre) telephony Scopserv VoIP (Voice over IP), SIP, analogue & digital trunk lines
Scopserv Contact Centre (Call Centre) with voice logger & CRM
Scopserv Asterisk IP PBX telephony server (open source)
Inter-branch communication
Unlimited IP extensions


Telecommunications equipment is engineered to last. Our range of second hand and refurbished Samsung telephone systems and equipment can deliver many years of service at a low price. Contact us for stock.

Computer telephony integration, also referred to as CTI, is technology that allows interactions on a telephone and a computer to be integrated or co-ordinated.   Common Functions    The following functions can be implemen

Samsung OfficeServ Call is an advanced call management application that gives users simple access to the features and functionality of their Samsung OfficeServ handset directly from their PC desktop.    Integration with Microsoft Ou

Perfect for call centre environments and organisations requiring reporting, Samsung OfficeServ Dataview provides statistical reports, real time monitoring and scheduled reports on the call traffic of a Samsung OfficeServ system using a web-based us

Samsung OfficeServ Easyset is a user-friendly, web-based application that allows you to configure an OfficeServ handset to your preferred setting at the click of a mouse.    With OfficeServ Easyset, users can customise their individ

Samsung Messaging Server's Email Gateway feature gives users the ultimate tool to access and manage all voice, fax and email messages directly from their e-mail inbox.   Whether you're on the road or in the office, you can receiv

The Samsung OfficeServ Link application is a software application that links the Samsung telephone system to a Windows based computer.    Samsung OfficeServ Link is an application gateway that provides the interface between other so

Samsung OfficeServ Manager is the main configuration tool for Samsung OfficeServ systems and includes an administration mode and a supervisor mode. It puts you in control by allowing easy management of your telephone resources.    A

Samsung OfficeServ Operator enables users to quickly and efficiently find and transfer incoming calls to extensions at any site. This is important for any business as making a positive, professional first impression is essential for customer satisf
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