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Satellite communications for the 21st century
The Intelsat New Dawn geostationary Skyemax satellite system is optimised for reaching remote areas where there is no conventional fixed-line, cellular or wireless telecommunications coverage and so provides many communities with their first access to the Internet and telephony.

Farm satellite internet & telephone service
Agricultural and farming communities

Intelsat New Dawn Skyemax satellite connectivity has a particular security applicability to the agricultural and farming communities by providing a secure wireless telephone and internet service as it has no terrestrial infrastructure that could be compromised.

Lodge satellite internet & VoIP telephone
Safari lodges and hospitality industries

Lodges in areas where there is no conventional telecommunications coverage, be it fixed-line, cellular or wireless, Intelsat New Dawn Skyemax satellite internet connectivity and telephone service could be a real value-add for corporate conference visitors and tourists.
Advantages of  the satellite internet and telephone connection:

  • The lodge website can be effectively utilised
  • Customer and guest telephone enquiries can be handled quickly and effectively
  • Reservations and bookings can be taken from anywhere in the world by telephone or e-mail
  • All guest rooms can have a telephone that is connected to the outside world

Remote office VoIP connected
Mining and construction engineering companies
In the mining and construction engineering industries, productivity is everything. When communication between the on-site crew and headquarters goes down, so do profits.
The Intelsat New Dawn Skyemax satellite service provides seamless, reliable internet and mobile communications. Our satellite solutions allow engineers and subject-matter experts working from headquarters or regional offices to be virtually connected to the operations at the remote mining or construction location.

Rural school internet
Rural school education
The Intelsat New Dawn Skyemax satellite service offers the potential to improve rural education by making the Internet accessible to teachers and children in remote schools.

Rural entrepreneur internet cafe
Rural entrepreneurs
For the rural entrepreneurs, Intelsat New Dawn Skyemax satellite internet service can offer the opportunity to establish Internet cafes in townships or remote areas for customers to provide them with an alternative way of communicating with the outside world.

Urban areas & internet backup
Within urban areas, Intelsat New Dawn Skyemax can be used to provide primary connectivity to homes and small businesses for which broadband is currently inaccessible. It has real use as a backup when the normal Internet connection goes down. Some businesses cannot afford to have the Internet go down for a few days - for them Intelsat New Dawn Skyemax is a real lifeline.

Rural medical services, clinics and hospitals
People living in rural communities have long faced challenges in accessing the best healthcare possible.
Our broadband satellite Internet service can significantly improve the quality of medical services provided to rural patients. Our telemedicine solutions like tele-radiology allow quick sharing of digital images, such as X-rays, mammograms and CT scans with consulting physicians in urban medical centres. Data can also be shared such as EEG/EKG and hold of two-way audio and video conferences.

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