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Intelsat New Dawn geostationary Skyemax satellite system
We are fortunate to provide the new Intelsat New Dawn geostationary Skyemax satellite (launched in April 2011) service in South Africa offering affordable broadband access to the Internet and VoIP (Voice over Internet) telephony via satellite to clients living or working in remote, under-developed rural communities or under-serviced areas with limited or no internet connectivity for the first time. With this satellite system, South Africa does not have to wait until 2020 for broadband Internet to be available to all citizens - we do it now.

Satellite internet solution for ADSL and GSM-based broadband unavailability
The availability of ADSL and GSM-based broadband is often overstated. In many urban areas the availability is far from uniform. Unlike the majority of broadband offerings, our service is truly uncapped without the restrictions of speed of certain kinds of data. Within urban areas, the Intelsat New Dawn Skyemax satellite system can be used to provide primary connectivity to homes and small businesses for which broadband is currently inaccessible. It has real use as a backup when the normal Internet connection goes down. Some businesses cannot afford to have the Internet go down for a few days - for them this satellite system is a real lifeline.

Satellite internet bandwidth speeds
As specialists in VSAT (very small aperture terminal) communications across Africa, this entry-level, affordable satellite broadband option provides ubiquitous internet coverage with bandwidth speeds of 256/4096 kbps for upload/download that are on par with typical urban offerings and previously unfeasible within these areas.
Satellite VoIP (Voice over IP) telephony
The Intelsat New Dawn geostationary Skyemax satellite system provides broadband Internet access and VoIP (Voice over IP) telephony for the first time to those potential subscribers who live in areas where there is no conventional telecommunications coverage, be it fixed-line or wireless. A conventional telephone system (PABX) or virtual IP PABX can be connected to the satellite system providing a full business telephone service with an operator switchboard and phone extensions.

Intelsat New Dawn Skyemax satellite system - Costing
The new satellite service will be accessed via a satellite dish similar to the type used for DStv. The basic service costs approximately R750 per month, which includes the first gigabit of data. Top-ups can be purchased easily, and unused capacity can be rolled over into the next month. A VoIP telephone service or virtual IP PABX can be added if required.

Hardware: Satellite internet dish
The once off equipment costs approximately R7500.00 (Excl VAT & installation):
Satellite Dish
Wireless Router
Standard mounting bracket and hardware

A helpdesk and client support centre runs from 06h00am to 20h00pm daily, providing technical resources to assist clients with any related problems or queries. Our product offering includes a 3 month Workmanship Warranty and a Hardware Warranty for 12 months from installation.

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