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NEC Aspire from NEC allows you to converge your voice and data network and enjoy the many advantages of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) while enjoying the hundreds of features you've come to expect from traditional digital/analogue switching.

The NEC Aspire PABX telephone system lets your organization benefit from the potential cost-saving advantages of IP even if you're not ready to migrate to 100% IP Telephony immediately. That's because NEC Aspire gives you a choice: You can deploy traditional circuit-switched technology, VoIP or a combination, all from one system! You have the freedom to adopt VoIP when and where you need it....

The NEC Aspire PABX telephone system provides peer-to-peer IP switching. Peer-to-peer switching means that the stations participating in a call are connected directly to each other through the IP network. The signals travel through the IP network but do not go through the switch as they do in traditional telephony.

The fact that NEC Aspire PABX telephone systems can function in and support a hybrid network with traditional digital/analogue switching, IP/TDM/IP switching and pure peer-to-peer IP switching means that users can continue to utilize their existing equipment while they begin to phase in IP Telephony and lay the foundation for current and future networks
Using NEC Aspire PABX telephone systems you can reduce the cost of business by:

  • Reduced Costs of Peer-to-Peer IP Connectivity

  • Maintaining one network rather than two

  • Bypass the long distance carrier by sending voice calls over the data network

  • Single cable termination to the desktop

  • Reduced brick and mortar expenses by deploying main office features to remote personnel

NEC Aspire PABX with switchboardNEC ASPIRE Benefits:

  • Reduce Costs & Increase Productivity.

  • Voice over IP (VoIP) capability - allows you to place voice calls over the data network. VoIP reduces long distance charges by using IP to connect multiple office locations and telecommuters. Remote workers also have access to main office features, such as voice mail, allowing offices to operate as a single unit.

  • NEC AspireMail - an optional digitally linked in-switch voice mail, provides sophisticated features that save time and money.

  • Return call with Caller ID - saves the caller ID information for both inside and outside calls, making that return call as simple as pushing a button.

NEC Aspire Specifications:



2  (1 main and 1 expansion cabinet)


Power Supplies


4  (2 per cabinet)


Analog Trunks (CO/PBX lines)




Digital Key Telephones


256 (combined total to 256)


Analog Single Line Telephones


256 (combined total to 256)


IP Telephones


256 (in addition to the digital or analog ports)


24-Button DLS Consoles




110-Button DSS Consoles




Conference Circuits


64 (32 parties max per conference)


ADA Adapter


192 installs on a keyset


APA Adapter


192 installs on a keyset


APR Adapter


192 installs on a keyset


CTA Adapter


192 installs on a keyset


CTU Adapter


192 installs on a keyset


IP Adapter


256 installs on a keyset


Power Failure Telephones


30 provided by COIU PCBs


2PGDAD Modules


56 (48 for ACI ports, 4 for Door Boxes, 4 for Pages)


Door Box/Door Unlock Contacts




Internal Page Zones




External Page Zones




Dial Tone Detector Circuits


64 (combined total to 64)


DTMF Receiver Circuits


64 (combined total to 64)


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