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Inter-branch communication
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Samsung OfficeServ Call is an advanced call management application that gives users simple access to the features and functionality of their Samsung OfficeServ handset directly from their PC desktop. 
Integration with Microsoft Outlook enables calls to be dialled direct from the contacts folder and details of incoming callers to be automatically presented. This allows individuals or multiple users to take greater control of their call activity with the click of a mouse.
Key Features
Database integration with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Access and DDE compatible applications
Dial direct from Microsoft Outlook contacts and screen pop Outlook contacts where Caller ID is available
Program shortcut keys to dial phone numbers visible on your screen
Dial and answer calls with a click of the mouse
Display the status of other extension users with Busy Lamp Field displays
Flexibility to use centralised or built in Call contact database
View call history including missed calls (where Caller ID is available)
Increase Productivity
Save time by dialling contacts at the click of a button
Eliminate the frustration of misdialled numbers
Simplify using centralised contact databases
Set up personal functions easily and efficiently
Access information on staff status and availability

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