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The Samsung OfficeServ 12 PABX systems have been superseded but is still available to purchase and upgrade.
The Samsung Officeserv 12 PABX has all the features of the larger products in the family but now gives you cost effective networked features for even the smallest office.  The Samsung Officeserv12 can link to your head office via a simple Broadband connection and act as extension off your switch board. You can also connect analogue or ISDN lines so you can still have a local number.  This will allow users at this site to have access to the main system for call handling, voicemail and up to 140 system facilities.
Mobility in your office with Wireless LAN 
The wireless LAN service of OfficeServ frees you from the limitations of your office and provides you with significant cost efficiencies because the qualified voice and data service of OfficeServ removes unnecessary cabling and maintenance.
Straightforward and slim design digital phone 
Samsung OfficeServ 12 supports user-friendly digital phone and WLAN phone. To help you take full advantage of the features of OfficeServ 12, OfficeServ phones have LCD screens and navigation buttons.
3 Trunk, 2 BRI option
Samsung OfficeServ 12 supports three analog trunk lines and Caller ID features, and 2BRI option supports 2BRI line (4channel).
8(+1) station lines 
Samsung OfficeServ 12 supports 8 (+1) station lines: 1 line for digital phone (+1 SLT or digital phone through 2B option card), 2 hybrid (digital phone or SLT), and 5 lines for analog phones.
Samsung OfficeServ 12 supports Voice over Wireless LAN and IP network interface through Wireless LAN access point.
Plug & play 
Samsung OfficeServ 12 supports the plug & play feature and is easy to install.
Caller ID on SLT and digital phone 
Samsung OfficeServ 12 supports Caller ID feature on SLT and digital phone.
Voice over IP 
Samsung OfficeServ 12 supports 4 channel qualified Voice over IP service with MGI daughter board.(3Q 2004)
LAN interface 
Samsung OfficeServ 12 supports 2 ports LAN connection (10/100BASE-TX). One port is connected for hub or RJ-45 LAN interface, and the other port is for WLAN access point.

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